Syllabus Dock 2

Lesson 1 Your Business Plan- We will be using all the data from class 1 to build out your business plan.

Lesson 2 SWOT Analysis- Here we are going to be working on your SWOT or strengths and weaknesses as an organization. Even at this early stage of business it is really critical to know where your weaknesses are so that we can set up a strong structure to prevent fall out.

Lesson 3 Setting Your KPI’s - identify your key performance indicators to track the success of your organization.

Lesson 4 Leadership & Team Building- Time to grow! Know when you are ready to build a team and lead them to a bright future in your business. Setting up the right guides and handbooks to handle your growth as it comes.

Lesson 5 Project Management- organizing a great project starts with proper project management. We will set up a project management platform to help you stay on track with all your tasks and teams.

Lesson 6 The Art Of Listening- Learn how to listen like a pro to pinpoint triggers and tones to close more sales than you ever thought possible!

Lesson 7 Keeping Your Data Safe & Accessible- Protecting your data and keeping everything accessible will keep your business going. This lesson will teach you how to set up the right secure networks and storage for your data.

Lesson 8 Setting Your Executive Mindset- Ready to be a CEO? But are you really? You need to set up your mindset to own the CEO lifestyle that you are about to step into. We are here to help.

Lesson 9 Strengthen Your Pitch- When was the last time your pitch was so strong that it demanded the attention of the entire room? Well, now is the time to strengthen your pitch.

Lesson 10 Network Like A Pro- Networking online and in person is a great way to connect with a new group of people. But there is a right and wrong way to network. We are going to work with you on cutting out all of the wrong ways and strengthen the right ways to connect with people.

Lesson 11 Create An Affiliate Network- This is a surefire and fast way to grow your network of connectors and buyers! Creating an affiliate network will allow a whole new group of people to be exposed to your brand based on other peoples reach.

Lesson 12 User Experience- The user experience is all about how your potential customers react and interact with your brand, marketing, messaging. We want to make sure that all of this is cohesive to keep your sales high and your message clear.

Lesson 13 Content Calendar- Putting together a breakdown of your content and scheduling it to be sure to make a lasting impression

Lesson 14 Create Your Content Valut-Designing your content and matching your branding to create the perfect user experience

Lesson 15 Boost Organic Reach- Now that you have your content and schedule you can use it to make a lasting impression on your audience

Lesson 16 Implementation- Let’s put all of what you have learned into action!

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