Dock 3 Syllabus

Lesson 1 Your Vision- Where you are at now is vastly different from where you started! Now with the pivots and adjustments it is time to redefine what your mission and vision of your company is so that you can properly portray it to your customers.

Lesson 2 Protecting Your Business- Setting up contracts and terms and conditions of purchase is very important to protect your company from certain liabilities. In this lesson we will go over all those needs.

Lesson 3 Multiple Streams of Revenue- Why create one stream of revenue when you have the ability to branch out and make multiple streams? We will teach you how to stay true to your business and brand while creating multiple streams of revenue.

Lesson 4 Creating a Strong Culture- Your business is growing and ready to flourish so you need to create a culture that will grow with you as your team grows and expands.

Lesson 5 Inbound & Outbound Marketing- There is a difference between inbound and outbound marketing and we will help you understand it. Plus we will show you how to create these powerful messages that draw in your ideal customers.

Lesson 6 Optimizing Your Marketing- Time to let go of the spaghetti marketing and get strong and clear on utilizing your time the most effectively with your marketing.

Lesson 7 Tweaking Your Marketing Strategy- With all this new found knowledge it is time to tweak your marketing strategy to match your new position and your culture. Here we work on taking your current plan and make the right tweaks and adjustments to be sure that you are marketing your company the correct way.

Lesson 8 Crafting a Solid Call To Action- What and when to ask for the close is really important especially if you have an online purchase technique. We will work with you on how to exactly craft your call to action to increase your close rate.

Lesson 9 Creating a Sales Funnel- We will teach you step by step on how to create a sales funnel that will help your message get out to the masses. This funnel will now be an overnight creation however this lesson will last you a long time.

Lesson 10 SEO & Tracking Online- You need to know people can find you and what they are doing when they do. This helps you identify what marketing is working and what is not.

Lesson 11 Referral Marketing- Referral marketing is all about creating strategic partnerships with others that can create a network of constantly flowing customers.

Lesson 12 Setting up SOPs- Learn how to set up Standard Operating Procedures that will allow you to delegate some work and keep the work that is on your plate very organized and easy to manage.

Lesson 13 Positive Brainstorming- The power of brainstorming is ample when used correctly and effectively. It is really powerful to create a regime of positive brainstorming to keep improving yourself and your business.

Lesson 14 Tension Management- Learn how to use tension to help people make the decision to move forward with you. Also learning how to know in under 15 minutes if a person will or will not buy from you.

Lesson 15 Master Your Close- Using a combination of tension management and listening to increase your close rate!

Lesson 16 Implementation- Let’s put all of what you have learned into action!

You must complete Dock 1 & 2 to access Dock 3 content or you can purchase all 3 Docks in a series and save $997!